The plight of these children was first introduced to the Tohidu Foundation by our Good Friend and Brother Eliano Fiore.  These youngsters belong to a tribe in Myanmar which is constantly being attacked by the Government.  They, and their families, cross the border into Thailand and live there with the barest of necessities.  They are stateless persons and will never realistically be able to leave Thailand.  They live up in the hills where there are miles upon miles of orange groves.  These kids attend a “daylight” school as pictured here which is sponsored by one of the Buddhist temples in the area.

We were lucky enough to visit them and see just what wonderful little people they are.  Despite having virtually nothing, they all seem to be happy and were genuinely glad to see us.   We made a nice contribution to the temple in their favor and also stopped by the Costco type store in northern Thailand and bought many supplies.  When we returned to Japan, we purchased many of the masks which are so common here in Japan.  The children need them to help filter out some of the insecticides which are regularly sprayed on the orange groves.  At the height of spraying season, the rivers and creeks in the area are simply poisonous and cannot even be waded in.   Our hearts went out to them and we hope to be able to visit them again sometime in the coming year.